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What Are Construction (Environmental) Management Plans C(E)MPs?

Construction (Environmental) Management Plans, C(E)MPs, are documents that are produced as part of planning applications, either as an accompaniment or to discharge a specific condition on a Decision Notice. In either case they are important documents in determining strategies that will ensure a construction project has as little impact on its surroundings as possible.

They often accompany Construction Logistics Plans (CLPs) and other planning documents to provide a detailed, wide-reaching construction management and planning strategy.

C(E)MPs can be tailored to include a variety of sections, often defined in the relevant planning condition.

As a standard, Construction Management Plans will include the following sections:

      > Site Information – Including development proposal, location, and layout

      > CMP Strategy – Implementation, key persons, responsibilities, and strategies

      > Construction Planning – Programme of works, vehicle planning and appropriate       licencing

      > Access – Delivery routes, loading/unloading procedures, public safety considerations

      > Sustainability – Carbon reduction, environmental impacts & mitigations

      > Vulnerable Receptors – Details of local businesses, schools and residences that may be affected by works

In addition, other sections that can be included on a project specific basis include:

      > Dust mitigation

      > Noise & Vibration

      > Water Management

      > Ecology

Why Are C(E)MPs Needed?

C(E)MPs/ CLPs/ CMPs etc… provide the Planners with a means of controlling Construction Site Practices to ensure Decision Notice conditions are actually implemented. They are important as they allow the Local Authority to assess the impact of a development, and ensure that local and national sustainability, safety, and economic targets are being met. C(E)MPs are treated as ‘live’ documents and should be updated regularly as policies are added or amended. They should also form part of site inductions for all contractors. C(E)MPs are supported by national and local legislation.

How Can WPSCC Help?

At WPSCC we are experts in producing planning documents. We produce Construction (Environmental) Management Plans in line with the National Planning Policy Framework 2023, and Local and National Plans, whilst referencing Air Quality, Environmental, and Water Quality Legislation, among others. 


We have an extensive history of producing C(E)MPs for projects around the UK, for many LPAs, so are well equipped to meet your needs. 

> Our goal is to help you to achieve your goals with our flexibility of service offerings and delivery.
> We will do our job without hindering you from doing yours’.
> WPSCC has the privilege of consistently working with many exciting clients and will continue to develop and diversify to ensure its ever changing client needs are satisfied to the highest standards possible.

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